FAQ from plastic recycle, sustainability, and eco friendly lover

① Which type of plastics can be accepted by Olah Plastic?

We only collect recyclable, safe, clean, and dry PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PS plastic types.
② Why does Olah Plastic only collect PET, HDPE, LDPE, PP, and PS plastic types?

‘PVC’ (♵) and ‘Other’ (♹) plastic-type can be hazardous for our team to process, hence we decide not to collect them.
① Can I get a special reduction?

Yes, you need to purchase more than 100 pieces (same product) and will be considered as wholesale.
② Can I initiate a partnership or collaboration?

Yes, we open opportunities for partnership and collaboration.
Wholesale, Partnership, and Collaboration
① Can I request a color outside the palette?

Yes, but please contact us directly to discuss it first:
Require minimum order quantity.
② Can I request a different Plastic-sheet size?

We only provide size requests on Sheet press-made material/product:

Thickness other than 10mm and <20mm would need further machinery process (CNC Machine), customization fee will be applied.

③ Do you accept product customization?

Yes, please contact us directly.
Require minimum order quantity (MOQ).
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